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Sun, 26-Sep-2004 04:01 GMT

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'aroundme' 0.3.0 released
The Barnraiser team is very happy to announce the latest release of 'aroundme', Barnraiser´s open source social networking and team interaction software.
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2004-09-24 13:27:37

Linux gives voluntary sector a boost
The Bulgarian voluntary sector is pioneering the adoption of Linux, and is even advising some UK voluntary organisations on how to make the jump to open source.
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2004-09-17 17:32:18

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´aroundme´ from Barnraiser

aroundme from barnraiser

How to engage NGO's about F/OSS

Matching F/OSS to NGO missions

eRiders - Mission Driven Technology Support for Non Governmental Organizations

eRiders are roving technology consultants who work on a one-to-one basis with a group of related non-governmental organizations (NGOs), helping each organization to develop and implement an information and communications technology (ICT) strategy tailored to its unique aims, needs, and context.
The eRider's primary aims are to help organizations:

* Understand the potential value of ICTs,
* Integrate ICTs into their programmatic work, and
* Enhance the ICT component of their management.

Because eRiders are typically local individuals who have both significant NGO experience and substantial technical expertise, they are able to think about technology from the NGO's perspective. As local individuals, they are aware of the NGO's cultural context and are sincerely dedicated to improving the society in which they work.

Random quote:
"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." - Vince Lombardi

2004-09-09 10:54:08
This report outlines our finding from a ten day visit to Kosovo from the 11st June 2004. http://www.barnraiser.org/case_study.php
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