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Training, Training and More Training...eRiders always feel either they or their clients need more training. In this section you will find key training materials for your work.

Two key websites for eRiders looking to improve their own skills or for training clients:

- extensive training resource portal.

- free uploads and downloads of tested training materials.

for eRiders
Materials in this section include those specifically geared towards helping eRiders improve their skills and diversify the types of services they can offer to their clients.
Resources: 21

for NGOs - group
Resources in this section are geared towards group trainings, workshops or other training opportunities for an NGO as a whole - strategic planing, project development, conflict resolution.
Resources: 7

for NGOs - staff
This section is dedicated to materials for trainings of individual NGO staff and can include word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing.
Resources: 16

Training for Trainers
Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is intellectual death. What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand. Confucius (551-479 B.C.) This section of the eRiders website provides some introductory materials to help eRiders gain training skills so that they are better able to deliver training to clients. The section is not intended to replace attending a Train The Trainer course run by a qualified trainer. The structure of this section consists of short sections describing the different elements of training accompanied by links to websites which provide further useful material and information. Why train the trainer? The ability to train is not, for most people, an innate skill but something they learn and become more comfortable with over time. eRiding is, in part, about enabling clients and users to gain skills so that they are not reliant on other people to make use of and manage their IT systems. By equipping the eRider with training skills the clients will benefit – and maybe even make the eRider’s life easier! In addition to being able to design and deliver traditional training courses, it also follows that the eRider will gain skills appropriate in other areas of their work – for example, one-to-one sessions, leadership roles and seminar and meeting design. What does this material cover? The following sections look at the theory of learning, the needs for training, how to design a course, preparing training materials, defining training objectives, using training aids and examples of some exercises. Further development We hope that eRiders will find it useful and that it can become an evolving resource – we welcome good (and bad!) experiences of training situations which can be added to the site.
Resources: 0

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