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Here you can find a lot of eRiding resources...

Assessment Phase
Materials developed to aid in the initial development stages of an eRider program or project.
Resources: 6

Evaluation Phase
In this section you can find materials related to the evaluation of eRiding programs.
Resources: 7

Fundraising for eRiding
Links to fundraising research sites and funders who have supported eRiding initiatives in the past. Also key technology funders who should be supporting eRiding.
Resources: 10

Implementation Phase
In this section you can find resources for managing eRiders, job descriptions, contracts, NGO presentations, eRiding announcements.
Resources: 15

Proposals, Reports and Budgets
In this section find proposals, budgets and reports from current and past eRiding projects. These are all protected by the Creative COmmons license so please give credit to the original authors if you use any of the materials.
Resources: 16

Researching eRiding
In this section you can find links to eRiding, technology support or NGO capacity building organizations whose sites hold a wealth of resources for those just starting an eRiding project and eRider who are looking for ideas about how to improve or change their eRiding program.
Resources: 22

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