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The eRiding model

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- Assessment Phase
- Evaluation Phase
- Fundraising for eRiding
- Implementation Phase
- Proposals, Reports and Budgets
- Researching eRiding
Cool Tools
- Fee or Free Services
- Hardware
- Portals
- Security Tools
- Software
- Web Based Tools
- for eRiders
- for NGOs - group
- for NGOs - staff
- Training for Trainers
Open Source
- Networking
- OfficeTools
- Window Managers
Training for Trainers
- Designing a Course
- Difficult Trainees
- Evaluation
- General Resources
- Giving and Receiving Feedback
- Groups, Facilitation and Exercises
- Learning Styles
- Setting Up and Finishing Exercises
- The Learning Cycle and Motivation
- Training Aids
- Training Needs Analysis
- Training Objectives

The eRiding model
What Is eRiding?
Stories from the field
- A Fundraising Primer
- Making Technology Accessible
- eRiding in Georgia
- A Short eRider Life Story
- Ten Recommendations for a Successful eRiding Start-Up
- Recipe for eRiding
- Discover existing eRiders.
- NET_USER_2 International Internet Conference
- Open Source Software for Bulgarian NGOs
- Legal OS for old machines.
- eRiding in Guatemala: Fundacion Nueva Esperanza
- Indonesia in the spring of 2002 by TIM YOUNG
- Sierra Leone in the fall of 92 by TIM YOUNG
- New eRiders in Azerbaijan
- Politics and eRiders
- Geek Corps Begins Digital Freedom Initiative in Senegal
- Self Management Seminar (November 03)
- European Summit on Council of Europe
- Overcoming Hurdles with SchoolNet Africa
- Interviews with eRiders
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- Civil Society policy websites set up in ten nations
- Alliance for Nonprofit Management Annual Conference
- TechSurveyor Offline Support
- Photos from Istanbul
- What's a Blog, and Why Should Nonprofits Care?
- Blogs Pump Bucks Into Campaigns
- Open source training will take place in Sofia!!!
- Looking at Linux in 2004 by: Eric Hellweg
- Linux: The Next Generation
- Group seeks political power for P2P
- Brazil bets on Linux cybercafes
- Mugabe slams 'global inequality?
- How to Measure Outcomes
- The Rise of the Asian Web Log
- Two Edged Sword
- Palestinians Surf During the Seige
- Parliament calls for gender equality in the information society
- How Secure is Your E-mail?
- How to become an e-mail extrovert
- Use of the Internet for Political Action in the Middle East
Discussion List
- Changelog
- Bugs Tracker Zone
- Request
- Open Source Software for Bulgarian NGOs
- Lasa Circuit Rider Project
- ACT Development
- Traveling eRiders
- eRider Community

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