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Cool Tools

Ever see two eRiders meet up after not seeing each other for a while? The first thing they do is show each other what new gadget, tool or geeky thing they purchased since last seeing each other.

Check out this section dedicated to all the Cool Tools eRiders are using in their work or recommending to their clients.

Fee or Free Services
In this section you can find free or fee based services of interest to the NGOs you support.
Resources: 20

In this section add links, reviews and recommendations on peripherals (scanner, handheld, digital camera, web cam, printer), desktops and laptops you may be using.
Resources: 2

This category is for web portals dedicated to technology and development.
Resources: 9

Security Tools
Tools to help make your online experience a safe and secure one.
Resources: 6

In this section add resources, recommendations and reviews of software you are using for everything from administration, management, information and communications.
Resources: 12

Web Based Tools
In this section add links, recommendations and reviews of web based tools and resources you are using including management, administration, advocacy and ICT tools.
Resources: 26

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