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Mon, 16-Aug-2004 08:51 GMT


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gDesklets 0.30 -- a graphical frontend and more
AbiWord v2.0.10 Released
GNOME Art Awards
AbiWord 2.1.5 aka ''Eu amo o Bugzilla, vocÍ?'' released.
Genius 0.7.0: Plotting 3D Surfaces is Cool
Mozilla and Pango integration

aKademy: Samba3, OpenLDAP and Kolab 2 Tutorials
KDE-CVS-Digest for August 13, 2004
Waldo Bastian on Kiosk and the Linux desktop
Security: Temporary File and Konqueror Frame Injection Vulnerabilities
KDE 3.3 About to Finish: Public Release Candidate 2
Matthias Ettrich talks about KDE and aKademy

Mozilla Foundation Announces XForms Project
Security Updates
Mozilla Firefox: Best in Show
Security Bug Bounty Program
Mozilla Developer Day
Mozilla Foundation 1st Anniversary

midea 0.9.5
xterm patch #196
gld 1.3.1
AEditor 1.6 (1.x)
RKWard 0.2.2

TransGaming Tagging Downloads to Combat Piracy
Not Enough Ads? Install Adbar.
3D Holograms Detect Fake Signatures
Pay To Have Your Phone Tapped
Hydra vs. Shredder
Canadian Arrow Completes Drop Test

Distribution Release: Gnoppix 0.8
DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 62
Development Release: Yoper 2.9.2
Distribution Release: Nico / SAM-Live-linux 0.6
Development Release: eMoviX 0.9.0rc1
Development Release: MoviX2 0.3.1rc2

Linux Advisory Watch - August 13, 2004
Linux Desktop: Virtual desktops
Securing PHP

Seattle from the water
Green buildings offer 10X payback on initial extra costs
Environmental Home Center burns
Clean Energy as Economic Opportunity

Six Degrees of Separation Tool
Californian Richard Pombo blocks Washington's Wild Sky Wilderness
Google Museum
Futures Studies
Visually Mapping the News

O'Reilly Network: Introduction to CSS Layout
Tips and Tricks for helping Googlebot
Discussion about email organization
Network Card Configuration
Network Configuration

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