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The ingredients of a good eRiding program are:

* an identified need for technology support for NGOs in your community,
* a well though out plan,
* strong donor or revenue generation scheme,
* committed, well trained and diverse team and
* alot of energy.

In the eRiding resources section on this site you can find materials on the assessment, development, implementation and evaluation phases of an eRiding program.

Below you can find an outline of the life cycle of an eRiding consulting relationship with a client.

Individual NGO Needs Assessment

Together, the NGO staff and the eRider develop and execute a customized needs assessment of the NGO’s goals, resources and activities. Conclusions drawn from the assessment will then be used to develop the ICT strategy. The eRider needs assessment is a thorough and collaborative effort, distinguishing it from the standardized questionnaires that may be used by other consultants.

Strategy Development

The eRider meets with the NGO staff to design an information and communication technology strategy specific to the needs of the NGO. The strategy will consider the primary aims of the NGO, the results of the needs assessment, and the organizations larger context, among other factors. A strategy may include the use of wireless technology, SMS, fax, and video in addition to more traditional ICTs such as e-mail and the Internet. A complete implementation plan and a timeline are included in the strategy.


The NGO staff and the eRider implement the strategy together. The first phase may be to acquire the necessary tools and/or resources. If so, this work may include proposal writing for technology equipment and upgrades, purchasing and installing hardware, installing software, and training the staff. However, the eRider’s activities and level of involvement will vary depending upon the needs of the organization, as will the frequency of visits and the duration of the relationship between the eRider and the organization. In some cases, the eRider may provide highly technical assistance for an organization every six months for several years, while in other cases the eRider may guide an organization, step-by-step, through an entire project.


During the strategy development phase, the NGO staff and eRider decide upon criteria for evaluating both the eRider program and the NGO’s activities. The evaluation measures outputs, outcomes, and impacts and may utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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