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The following people and organizations provided invaluable assistance in the development of eRiders.net:

Designed and developed by InterSpace Media Art Center, Sofia. Kaladan, Spud, Ivgin and Hacko.

The Advocacy Project - especially Ginger who labored long and hard to add in content.

Bulgarian eRider Maria Metodieva- who researched content for the resources section.

Ungana Afrika eRider Rudi Von Staden - who provided us with a ton of resources.

All the eRiders who helped brainstorm what this site should look like and contain especially -

Tomasz Rusiecki
Uri Filopowicz
Maiya Tsyganenko

Ric Plaisance and Bill Lester at Ninth Bridge who pushed forward the idea of a site.

The Information Systems Team at LASA for their great Training for Trainers section.

and last but not least

Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski at Tactical Tech who funded the site.

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