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Privacy policy

eRiders.net respects the privacy of our site visitors and handles any information you provide us with care. The only personal data we gather from you is that which you voluntarily provide. We do not track visitors through the use of cookies* and only use general statistics gathered from our site traffic for our own purposes.

eRiders.net does not require that site visitors provide us with personal information in order to contact us, or to be added to our email alert list.

If you do choose to provide us personal information voluntarily through any form that is currently available on the site, we do not distribute this information to any third party. Your information will be added to our contact database, but this information will not be sold to or traded with other organizations or companies. We may use your personal information to contact you in the future. We may post information from other organizations to our e-mail distribution lists.

If there are any changes to this policy, we will post the changes immediately. Any information given to us prior to a change in policy will still be protected by the policy that was in place when you provided us with the information.

By using our web site and providing this information to us, you consent to our collection, use and storage of your information in the manner described above. If you have any questions or concerns about the protection of your privacy while visiting our site, please feel free to contact us at . Thank you for reading this privacy policy and visiting our web site.

*Cookies: A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser when you visit pages in certain sites. The information that is sent to the browser is then saved to your hard drive and is used the next time you visit the same site to identify your computer. Many sites use cookies as a way to personalize pages or remember information such as personal profiles for shopping online. The Advocacy Project does not use cookies; however, some of the sites to which we are linked may utilize cookies. Users should check the privacy policies of those sites for further information.

*Special thanks to America's Second Harvest for a version of their privacy policy that we used.

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