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Mon, 16-Aug-2004 13:52 GMT


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ACT Development

Server Tool [Blog: ACT Development]
2003-09-11 08:44:00

Ok. One more for today.


The Umero CW Server has a comprehensive suite of communications modules that can be installed separately according to your system requirements. Working together with the Umero Workflow Engine, it converts inbound and outbound jobs, documents, and files into the required format for processing.

The communications modules include:

Mobile / Wireless Access Module
Fax Module
Email Module
Telex Module
SMS Module
Voice Module
Pager Module

@ 2003-09-11 08:44:00
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ASP Tool [Blog: ACT Development]
2003-09-11 08:33:53

Here is a ASP tool that does some of what I was thinking ACT might do.


@ 2003-09-11 08:33:53
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Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway [Blog: ACT Development]
2003-09-11 08:20:00

I was thinking about all the components of ACT and thought this might be an interesting resource. Need to decide if we create both a software tool AND something that has to be hosted permanently to process the information people post.

Kannel is an open source WAP gateway. It attempts to provide this essential part of the WAP infrastructure freely to everyone so that the market potential for WAP services, both from wireless operators and specialized service providers, will be realized as efficiently as possible.

Kannel also works as an SMS gateway for GSM networks. Almost all GSM phones can send and receive SMS messages, so this is a way to serve many more clients than just those using a new WAP phone.

Check out: http://www.kannel.org/index.shtml

@ 2003-09-11 08:20:00
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