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Mon, 16-Aug-2004 15:56 GMT


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Capacity Map changes
Submited by Teresa Crawford
I think we are about there on the map. Much nicer now that there is a menu on the right showing where they have updated their entry.

Can you take off the duplicate navigation at the top? Now that it is on the right I think it is too much to also have it on the top.

Can you also add an (other) category in the focus drop down menu on this page? http://erider.cult.bg/network/eriders/profile/index2.php?view=project

On this page http://erider.cult.bg/network/eriders/profile/index2.php?view=contact spell address with two s at the end not one:)

Can we make it so I can add a little explanatory text at the top of all the related profile and capacity map pages?

I think once that is done we can make the change on the public site. Seems well tested.

Once it is on the live site then please take off these pages:


The new capacity map should live here and be called Find an eRider:


Once that is done then next steps seem to be for me to write a note to the registered site users and interider list members encouraging them to update their entry. I plan to tell them that if they do not update their entry in 30 days then we will delete them as users. They can always re register.

Next step I am thinking to take is to create a new list for distribution of the newsletter and site change announcements only. Right now only the interider discussion list gets the newsletter and site updates but there are a ton of site users who are not on the list. I do not want to force them to join the list. To start I will take all the registered users and all the members of the list and subscribe them to this new list. They can then unsubscribe if they do not want site updates or the newsletter.

Could we figure out a way so that when they register on the site an email gets generated that subscribes them to the list? Can we add a link on the main nav to Get Site Updates and have it link to the new list?

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