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The Advocacy Project - Czech eRider Gabriela Hrabanova

2003-09-05 11:04:04

Gabi Hrabanova joined RIP in November 2002, bringing with her diverse experiences in politics and computer technology. Gabi firmly believes that technology training for ROMA women is one way to empower members of the ROMA community to affect national reforms. Gabi herself feels empowered by her technology training with RIP, which she transmits to ROMA NGOs in the Czech Republic: "I came back from our RIP training in the US full of ideas and energy," she remembers. "Also, I learned how to be an effective trainer, which helps people get the most out of my classes." Roma NGOs, in turn, bring this knowledge back to their communities. Gabi says "Making Roma NGOs more effective gives Roma a better chance in all regards. This is why I do this work. Click here for the full document.


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