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The Advocacy Project - Slovak eRider Miroslav Olah

2003-09-05 11:12:51

"The most important thing I've learned during my work with the Roma Information Project (RIP)," says Slovak eRider Miroslav Olah (Miro), "is when not to laugh." One of the first times he conducted a computer training session, a member of the NGO's staff held the mouse up to the computer screen and fingered the buttons as if it were the remote control to a television.

"It was a bit of surprise at first," remembers Miro, who joined the RIP team in late 2002, having recently graduated from college with a degree in engineering. "I had no idea that the organizations would be at this level with technology, and I had to quickly change tactics." He spent the whole morning teaching mouse-ing skills to the group. Like many of his eRider colleagues, Miro describes these incidents with a sense of bemusement. Yet it is also clear that he has discovered one of the most essential parts of his job-- to make his "students" at Roma NGOs, most of whom are much older than he, more comfortable with technology. This includes learning when not to laugh and offering encouragement to those just beginning to work with computers. Click here to read the full document.


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