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eRiding Challenges in Georgia - Ana Keshelashvili

2003-09-07 17:34:16

The Big Day: A Story from Georgia
After weeks of eRider training on technology and consulting, a bright new eRider went out to her first NGO expecting her newly gained skills and her expert Technology Assessment Form to help her through the initial interview. She was confident and ready to build the capacity of any NGO; however, when she walked into the building she discovered there was not even a desk for her to write on. The emptiness of the room seemed to close in on her expectations. The eRider did her best not to appear too much like an expert, but her nervousness and diminishing self-confidence made everyone a bit confused. So, instead of working through the Technology Assessment Form on her lap, she sat and read a book on practical tips for consultants in their office. The moral of the story: practice makes perfect.

Going to the 'Expert' NGO
Another Georgian eRider went on a visit to one of the largest client NGOs, which had been in operation for 10 years, and had 35 computers and leased lines from one of the best ISPs in Georgia. After filling out the Technology Assessment Form and some further investigation, the eRider discovered that only 15 of the 35 computers had Internet access. The Administrator thought the IE.exe slowed down the Internet speed. Unfortunately, the administrator did not understand, and still cannot be convinced, that it was not the Internetís fault, but rather the fault of the staff downloading lots of unnecessary programs onto their computers. The moral of the story: it can be difficult to change old habits.


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