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European Summit on Council of Europe

2003-10-17 12:29:09

Council of Europe Conference:
European Summit on Work related to International Issues - Globalisation, International Exchanges, Partnerships & Fair Trade

Last week from 05.10.2003 – 12.10.2003 I was participating on the Council of Europe conference organized by MIJARC Europe with topics about Globalization, International Exchanges, Partnerships & Fair Trade. I was representative of Kosova and representing NGO Center for Promotion of Education.

I was analyzing the impacts of globalization within the participants and also how does globalization affect them including international trades, political control, free movements etc. Most of the participants discussed that there are too many different things that can be on globalization process such as decrease of local production, loss of regional culture and privacy.

Some of them described as threat that will increase the gap between rich and poor people and destruction of the environment, but in other way is a fast technological progress, more possibilities to travel, flow of information but this progress is not at the reach of everybody on this world.

A part of conclusion: NGO Role

As a result of our reflection and discussion we developed an “NGO Algorithm”, illustrating the role NGOs have to play in today’s world of globalization. As a starting point, the algorithm supposes that globalization has got positive and negative effects.
The role of NGOs is to always intervene if there are bad consequences. By their activities and projects, they have to fight these bad consequences. Such “correcting” projects have to repeat until the negative effects of globalization are transformed into positive effects, and an equal development of all regions of the world is reached.

The motto of NGO’s must be: small actions can lead to big changes, through small actions we can give hope to people and improve solidarity.

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