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Sun, 22-Aug-2004 16:39 GMT


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Legal OS for old machines.

2003-12-20 07:23:44

Morphix is based on Debian Linux distribution. You can start it from one single CD without installing it on HDD. Of course if you want, you can do it. And the best thing about this system is tahat its requirements are very low so you can use it on older computers (I have installed it on PC Pentium 166MMX with 32MB of RAM). Light GUI version has an e-mail client (Balsa), web browser (Mozilla), word processor (Abiword), spreadsheet (Gnumeric) and many more included. The CD image of the hole system takes only 200MB of disk space. Is it compatibile with all older PCs? Hmmmm.. I would say 99%. It has a great database of drivers for SCSI controlers, sound cards, graphic cards, net cards and many more. Everything else you can download as debian packages from the Internet. I have set up for now 6 computers on Morphix and it works great. You can try Morphix on your home computer, or your organizations PC. Just visit www.morphix.org and have fun - I did :)


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