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Sun, 22-Aug-2004 16:32 GMT


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2004-02-23 07:40:48

Preface on project implementation in Azerbaijan.
We’ve just started the eRider project in Baku, Azerbaijan at the end of the 2003-year. The main impulse for joining to project was growth of NGO development in the country and theirs role in the in-country democratic reforms.
The first stage of project implementation was to build a list of local NGOs (clients) and activity implementers (eRiders). Start of the project and eRiders position criteria’s announcement was distributed through Internet (www.azerweb.com Azeri NGOs web portal) and local newspapers. Shortly we selected a list of 12 NGOs as clients and 3 eRiders with Information Technologies and NGO background for the first pilot stage of the project implementation.

Discovering of eRiding.
During the process of interviewing with potential eRiders we discovered a very interesting tendency of the people involved in the IT background of NGO development in Azerbaijan. Most of them already were eRiders, but they didn’t know about that yet.

Despite on the open participation criteria on the interview, most of the participants (about 80%) had IT skilled NGO background. Some of them currently working on NGOs on the basis of full-time or part-time employees, some of them were involved as the volunteers during the main education process in universities for parallel experience gaining.
After the preliminary selection procedure has been done we’ve conducted eRider training with assistance of Tactical Tech experts to acquaint local staff with the goals and idea of the project and to make more effective vision of spirit of eRiding.

As for example, I’m working on Open Society Institute-Assistance Foundation as IT Manager of Information Program and rendering technical support and advising to the number of local and regional NGOs and Government Organizations, among which: Baku, Ganja, Mingechevir and Lenkoran city’s Education and Information Centers (EICs), Baku State University (BSU), American Studies Center at BSU (ASC), State National Library (ANL), Information Resource and Training Center for Librarians (IRTCL), IREX/IATP, ISAR, MBA Center at Azerbaijan Oil Academy (AOA), Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU), Khazar University, Western University (WU), Baku Musical Academy (BMA), International Learning Center (ILC), and other NGOs, libraries, universities, schools for I*EARN project, museums and etc., I’d accentuated a lot of interesting and serviceable through our eRiding training session.

We hope the trusted relations established between selected eRiders and most of the local and regional NGOs will be the positive basis for the future of eRider project implementation, effectiveness, and fundraising.

So, the conclusion from the story mentioned above is to make accurate field assessment to discover existing eRiders in your own country and use theirs potential and experience for successful project implementation.


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