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Tue, 24-Aug-2004 11:58 GMT


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Switching from Google's API to Yahoo's RSS

2003-10-20 09:08:03

The results are a lot better now. Alan Taylor pointed out to me just how much better the results were with his implementation in Amazon Light.
Before, Google would bring in any web page that matched the title or author... but now we're getting recent news articles about the author of the book.
Take a look around at a few books you're reading now and find out whether or not these authors have been in the news lately. Al Franken's new book is a good example, but I'm sure you'll find better ones.

I'm still using Google's web services to add additional results to searches on this site, and to determine potential friends for you when you're configuring your recommendations.

More details on related link:

allconsuming news


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