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Tue, 24-Aug-2004 12:04 GMT


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The Rise of the Asian Web Log

2003-11-25 13:11:26

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Out on the Internet exists an alternative universe where mainstream media, social mores, personal lives and government activities are diarised, critiqued, mocked and satirized by thousands of amateur and independent writers. Its somewhat controversially called the blogosphere, and while it is still primarily an American phenomenon, it is now making its mark in Asia. By Grahame Lynch.

Mao Zedong infamously called on his citizenry in the late 1950s to “let a hundred flowers bloom.” The subsequent crackdown on free expression gave lie to his sentiments, but nearly 50 years on the power of the Internet is finally lending some substance to his original incantation.

Although we’ve heard much about the liberating power of the Internet, it is only now that the flower of personal publishing in Asia is finally taking root – via the worldwide phenomenon of “blogging.”


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