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Assessment Phase

General Needs Assessment ( 1-2 months)
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The eRider model is essentially a needs-based approach. Therefore, it is essential for the managing parties to understand the basic needs of the NGO sector and client organizations before progressing. The following document outlines the needs assessment process.
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General Strategy Development ( 1-2 months)
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This document explains how the management team must determine the aims of the eRider project and how resources need to be allocated to achieve their goals.
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Mapping Your Assets and Indentifying Opportunities
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Download and interactive guide to help you research and assess your organization's community wealth potential. What services should you provide? Who is your market? What can they afford? Designed to lead your organization through the initial assessment phase and prepare you to evaluate the feasibility of potential community wealth activities.

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Sample Client Needs Assessment-From Lasa
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Download and use this form as a format to design your own assessment form.
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Strategic Technology Resources
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Templates and other resource materials on technology planning
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Working with Clients
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In this document you will find a description and external links on how to assess your clients needs and develop a client-specific strategy. You will also find information on how to implement the client-specific strategy and learn what to expect when there is resistence from the client.
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