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for NGOs - group

Benton Strategic Communication Toolkit
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This site offers valuable tips and tools for eRiders and nonprofits to develop effective communication strategies. The research is based on best practices and lessons learned by nonprofits about the impact, successes, failures and struggles in using strategic communications.
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Database, Software and Technology Use
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Information and tips about databases for nonprofits.
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Going With Open Source Software Is it the right choice for your
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In this article, Marnie Webb discusses the potential benefits and drawbacks of Open Source software and directs you to places to learn more about Open Source.

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Non-Profit Resource Center
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The Nonprofit Resource Center has a wealth of information for nonprofit organizations. For eRiders, you can find a list of links to websites of interest to nonprofits, and virtually everything you need to know about how to form, manage and maintain a nonprofit organization.
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Nonprofit Knowledge Management
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"On March 7th, 2002, I appeared on a panel at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference. As part of that presentation, I was asked to prepare this short introduction to the principles, lessons, questions, and resources of value to people considering nonprofit knowledge management initiatives."
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Some training materials for NGO's
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Training materials and business management materials especially for non-governmental and socially progressive organizations.
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Tips to Build Your E-mail Address Database By: Michael F. Murphy
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How do you create a successful e-mail marketing campaign if you do not have a substantial e-mail database? That question may be one of the largest Internet-related challenges facing nonprofits. Included in this article are tips to cost effectively build your e-mail address database and increase your donor participation and retention rates.
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