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Thu, 26-Aug-2004 11:21 GMT


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Security Tools

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FileZilla is an FTP/SFTP client for Windows. It can act as a site manager, and offers multiple simultaneously transfers, SSL and Kerberos GSS authentication/encryption, great speed, and a simple interface.
FileZilla Server, which is still in beta, is a reliable FTP server that offers features like a remote administration interface, user groups, and rules-based speed limits.

FileZilla competes well with all major commercial FTP clients. Very few free (as in freedom) Windows FTP clients exist and none of them (except FileZilla) is above average.
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GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP - pretty good privacy. Because it does not use the patented IDEA algorithm, it can be used without any restrictions.
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Guides on Information security and data privacy
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Privaterra has developped the following guides and tutorials to help civil society organizations (particularly Human Rights NGOS) better understand key topics in the area of Information Security, Communications security and data privacy.
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Free softare tool for human rights groups that want to remotely store their data. Protects sensitive data from danger of theft or hacking. Must apply to one of two hosts for access to their servers for secure hosting. Works like Outlook. Allows you to set permissions for sharing your data remotely with others.
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PGP from MIT
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Distribution site run by MIT for PGP® or Pretty Good Privacy® which is a powerful cryptographic product family that enables people to securely exchange messages, and to secure files, disk volumes and network connections with both privacy and strong authentication.
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What is Security Culture? Amanda Hickman, Associate Circuit Rider, LINC Project
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You can read an interesting article and find many links to information on security cultures.
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