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CTC Net - Community Technology Center Network
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National nonprofit membership organisation of more than 1000 independent telecenters. Developed a cd-rom of resources for telecentres.
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Seven international organizations have jointly launched Dgroups, an Online community platform for groups working in development and human rights around the world. Designed for low bandwidth users in the South, it hosts mailing-list based discussions supported by an accessible, simple Website with discussion archives, and where members can share personal profiles, events, links, and documents of interest with the group.

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Digital Divide Network
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This is a very useful website for eRiders to find valuable articles and information on the digital divide nationally and internationally. The Digital Divide Network highlights examples of the many innovative efforts attempting to bridge the digital divide around the world, including activities at the local, national, regional and international levels. You may also join an active online discussion, which can give you an opportunity to share stories and learn about other valuable initiatives.

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Resource portal for jobs, links, consultants, volunteering opportunities and discussion groups for those interested in NGO work. Multiple language portals in Spanish, French, and Russian.
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Network for Good
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Network for Good is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the Web to help people get more involved in their communities - from volunteering and donating money, to speaking out on issues you care about.
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Open Source Freshmeat.net portal
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Freshmeat maintains the Web largest index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes and related eye-candy, and Palm OS software.

Each entry provides a description of the software, links to download it and to obtain more information, and a history of the project releases, so readers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments.
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Rich and jam packed web portal dedicated to non profits and technology. Discussion boards, resource library and weekly e-mail newsletter.
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UNESCO Webworld
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Great website dedicated to both the work supported by UNESCO related to Information and Communications and other IT and development initiatives. Includes links to free software, library and archives portals.
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The United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) is a global volunteer initiative, led by the UN Volunteers program that allows volunteers from any country to give their skills and time to extend the opportunities of the digital revolution to developing countries.
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