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Title eRiders.net Content Contest
Date 2003-10-08 12:58:29

Always envied other eRider’s cool handhelds but did not want to shell out the money to buy one? Participate in a content contest on eRiders.net and win a Palm Zire for yourself.

Gyula Vamosi, eRider in Hungary, loves his Zire and uses it to document his work in the field. Saves him a lot of time when writing reports and developing assessments and evaluations.

There are two ways to win a Palm Zire…

1) A Palm Zire will go to the eRider that posts the most new content to the site. This must be new content posted between October 8 and November 8, 2003. Content can include postings to all the major sections including news, stories from the field, resources, photo gallery and blogs.

The site administrators will monitor the postings to the site and determine which user posted the most new content. Postings must occur between October 10 – November 10, 2003.

2) A Palm Zire will go to the eRider that writes the best short essay about their eRiding work. We are looking for stories from the field that illustrate the types of work you all do. Topics could include but are not limited to training, planning, consulting and troubleshooting.

One of the best short stories on eRiding came from Ana in Georgia - https://eriders.net/model/stories/in/?id=33

Stories must be at least 400 words and must be about eRiding work done outside the United States. For ideas on story formats see the Stories from the Field section of the site - https://eriders.net/model/stories/. Stories must be posted by November 8, 2003. Let us know if you need English editing or translation support.

Members of the global eRider community will have a chance to vote on their favorite story via an online survey. Once all the submissions are in we will send a link to the survey so everyone can vote.

Winners will be announced November 20, 2003

2nd place winners of the best story and content competition will win a 128mb mini USB drive.

Thanks to Gavin Claybaugh of CS Mott Foundation for the generous donation of the Palm Zire’s. To see the specs on the handheld check out - /us/products/handhelds/zire/

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